Sussex Family Historian References

I was looking up information about Neves connections in Sussex and came up with a bunch of them in a series of books/newsletters called the Sussex Family Historian that can be found at the LDS Family History Library. ( From what I can tell, it is not available on film or online.

Please look below and let me know if you have a copy of these or, if you live in Utah or near a family history library, if you will get a copy of the relevant pages and mail or scan and email them to me.

  1. Brede emigrants by Andrew Barnes. A list of emigrants giving surname, christian name, some maiden names, number of children, and destination, date of departure. Surnames are: Warner, Philcox, Kedwell, Neves, Ward, Barnes, Henly and Selmes. Article covers the year 1838 in the parish of Brede, Sussex, England. Article in the Sussex Family Historian Volume 11 #7 September 1995, pg 260[68]
  2. The Saxbys of Catsfield by Michael Saxby. John Saxby married Elizabeth Row 18 July Catsfield. They had at least six children. A historical narrative of thier descendants give surnames as: Dennis, Whiting, Filmer, Neaves, Butcher, and Amon. Article covers the years 1682 – 1884 in the parish of Catsfield, Sussex, England. Article in the Sussex Family Historian Volume 16 #8 December 2005, pgs 372-374[106]
  3. A few Fullers of Waldron and East Dean by Janet Pennington. Photographs of Mark Fuller c1922 and in 1912. Daisy Winchester c1900 and 1905; Carolina Baldy Fuller, mid 19th century; Naomi Fuller c1860 and 1882. Mark Fuller was born at Little London, Waldron c1837. Also a photo of Dr. Janet Holden Pennington. Article covers the years 1811 – 1969 in the parishes of Waldron and East Dean, Sussex, England. Article in the Sussex Family Historian Volume 19 #2 June 2010, pgs 88-93[125] (because William was born in Waldron)

~Kaarin (Neves) Engelmann